Tabi no Michi – The Path, The Journey

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Tabi no Michi – The Path, The Journey

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Medium: Abstract – Oil on Bespoke 12oz. Cotton Duck Canvas

Frame: Bespoke Oak Frame designed by Trent Paul Firmin, made by Brooke @rillproductions

Tabi no Michi – The Path, The Journey – Artist Statement:

“TABI NO MICHI – THE PATH, THE JOURNEY as the painting depicts….the path…what is a path? The Path takes you on a direction….sure you can stray from paths. But, then where do they lead you?
The Path or A Path is also a journey…the paths lead you on a journey…that journey can be a journey of the body and mind, (thought) your emotional journey that you have with taking certain paths…you may just come back to the very start again or not…. sometimes the repetitive nature of the paths and journeys we take can lead us to new openings, or a finalisation taking us both, in or out of the frame.


Dimensions: 1.40 m x 1.20 m