Reminisce Surfers Sixty-One

Sculpture by Trent Paul Firmin

Materials used: 3 x 6 ft ply wood panels,synethic polymer, concrete, plastic buckets & Tasmanian Oak Dowel (graciously supplied by Porta Timbers, Victoria)

                            Know & love Porta Timber


Inside my idea: to recreate “Windbreaks Surfers” painted in 1961 and honour the late Betty Quelhurst for her contributions to the arts.
Also honour an iconic piece of Surfers Paradise History from the 50’s through to the late 60’s the original, highly regarded Surfers
Paradise Legend and Tanning Icon “The Mutton Bird Man and his Vita Tan” who hired out these functional 3 ply, hand painted 6ft x 3ft panels known as “Windbreaks” that would be for hire, for wind shelter against the blowing, biting sand and adding privacy for those women who wore Bikinis and young couples dating.

This sculpture, I hope, brings back nostalgia of the 60’s Beach Culture on the Gold Coast, but especially Surfers Paradise and provokes thoughts and conversation to just how much our Beach Culture has changed in 62 years in Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast.

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I want to give a huge special thanks to Natasha, Dee and the entire Swell Sculpture Festival team. Thanks for your continued support. TPF 

Surfers Paradise Beach with the Surfers Paradise Surf Lifesaving Club house in the background, Surfers Paradise, Queensland
McRobbie Alexander Surfers Paradise Beach with the Surfers Paradise Surf Lifesaving Club house in the background Surfers Paradise Queensland 1960
Aerial over Surfers Paradise beach with windbreakers in view
Aerial over Surfers Paradise beach and the beach end of Cavill Avenue Surfers Paradise Queensland